Nugget Stir Fry: Turns out any meat will do, even when it’s fake!

So I’m designated chef tonight and decide to go for stir fry. It’s the same edamame bean goodness I did last week with rice noodles and soy and ginger sauce.

Rooting through the fridge, I just can’t find the chicken we bought to put in here.  I look behind the veg, behind the yogurts, even in fridge 2 (I know, we have 2 fridges, it’s a rented house and we just, acquired another one ha) but nothing to be found.

Before blaming my other half I realise that yes, I didn’t buy the imaginary chicken after all. What to do? What to do?

I head to the freezer, and raid the drawers and find a packet of frozen quorn nuggets. Fake meat at its finest. We bought them a while back through a bad chicken nugget phase hoping we would ween ourselves off them. Suffice to say, the bag was never opened.

“Can I really use fake chicken nuggets in a stir fry?”

Well, it’s all I’ve got, so in the oven they go. It’s quorn, it’s relatively healthy so why not.

Quorn Nugget Stir Fry: For your tum!

15 minutes later and I’m munching down some of the tastiest noodles and nuggets I’ve ever had. It actually works really well! After weighing up the ingredients turns out to be around 600 calories, perfect for an everning meal.

It could be a new invention, or maybe just the same as sweet and sour chicken if you had noodles on the side. I still feel like a food genius!

So if your ever stuck with ingredients, there’s always something hiding in the cupboard to make it work!

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