I caught the running bug!

Today was supposed to be a rest day.

Yesterday I’d done a 24-minute interval run that went great with 2 nasty hill climbs. I was prepared for today to get some work done, take it easy and get prep work done for a job interview I have tomorrow.

Around 1pm I started to feel really run down. I was getting worried about tomorrow and those creeping thoughts had started to get into my head. I sat on the sofa for a break and went to switch the TV on. As I lifted the remote to turn over from whatever BBC One had on at that moment (the usual couple buying a house but hate it and want to move to the other side of the world but have bad debts and really should be baking with Mary Berry in the countryside kind of thing), when I turned it off and really thought about what would make me feel better.

It used to be that I’d jump to eating food, playing on the Playstation, throwing on an old film or seeing what’s new on YouTube. Today, though, a new thought had crept in.

“Go for a run.” it said.

“Are you sure, I mean it’s my rest day and I ran yesterday and yes I can see it’s a gorgeous day but really?”

“Go For A Run?”

“But…..well I could but you know, isn’t it bad not taking a rest?”


(the above is for dramatic effect like other bloggers do 🙂 … this was more of a conversation with my girlfriend where she suggested a run would do me a world of good and stop me worrying…..she was right!!)

So I got changed. I wanted to go out. I was ready to go out. I knew that after my run I’d be back on top of the world. I’ve trained my body over the past 2 months to crave that endorphin rush at the end and that feeling of achievement.

So what distance to do? Well, it really was nice out and I’d been cooped up all day. Where I live is slap bang in countryside-ville and any route I take can get me up into Hills and Dales pretty quickly. I wanted a bit of an explore, so I thought I’d do another 5K. I know now I can do it, I enjoyed it last week and it sounded like a decent length of time to be out.

The view 5 minutes up the road, that’s Emley Moor TV Mast in the distance.

It was great. I didn’t lose my breath, had a good hill climb at the start and by the end, had shaved 2 minutes off my first 5K run last Saturday.

It was at the end that I knew. The running bug has sunk its teeth in hard!! I never thought I’d even get to a stage when I would use running as a mental kick and not just for losing weight.

It’s amazing to think my body now craves that feeling. That the next time I’m feeling concerned or troubled I can lace up and brush it off. The best thing was, it gave me time to review all my prep for tomorrow and meant I came back feeling ready for a different kind of challenge.

It’s the end of 8 weeks since I first launched this blog and the idea of running a 5K felt like a huge challenge and a monumental task for a very overweight guy. Turns out, 8 weeks is really short and you’ll be shocked at how much you’ve changed, not only in the mirror but also inside your own head.

After tweeting my success I got a great reply from Barrie Williams which I’ve included below. It’s a very succinct quote and one that I think will ring true for me and also a lot of you guys too. Don’t over think it, and if you gotta run, RUN!

Till next time!


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