Hitting my first 5K : When you stop wondering and just go get on with it!

After a pretty successful week of interval training, cycling and spotting Lego Dinosaurs in a retired Coal Mine a thought started to seep into my head.

“When will I be ready to hit the 5K mark?”

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t shake that thought.  It was like someone had been bullying me in my sleep telling me I’d never do it! We had a few errands to run … including picking up some bike racks from an eBay seller and me fantastically falling over all their stuff in the garage, knocking a hyper expensive bike of its mount in the process. Not fun!

Over a coffee on the way home, I was still reeling from feeling like a buffoon, and with that thought of the 5K distance in my head, I decided enough was enough.

I was going to get out there and do it.

I had a route in mind that I had walked not long ago that was around the right distance and if I was short I’d just run a bit of my normal interval route. Saying that, the start of the run was going to be a near kilometer and a half of steep uphill running. When getting ready, I was planning my rests as it was obvious I was going to stop at some point, so decided on 30 second rests if I was finding it really hard, enough time to catch a breather and crack on.

After a 5 minute warm up, I got to the start of the hill climb and set off…

46 minutes later and I’d done it! My first 5K. I didn’t stop, I wasn’t in pain and that hill climb I just took in my stride. I smiled so hard at the end of that, and to be honest, I’ve not yet been able to wipe it off my face.

After 7 weeks of training and eating well, 11 lbs lighter and with a cracking pair of running leggings (yep, those) I hit my first 5K. I can’t believe I made it! But hey, it all totally works, and taking it slow and building up is the way to do it, all it costs is your time!

I still have 3 weeks left on the 5K plan, and I’m still going to finish it. At least now those 20-30 minute intervals should now be less of a strain on my mind and I can really enjoy the run. Plus sticking to the plan should mean I have a better time to compare today with the final 5K I do in 3 weeks.

I wouldn’t say I’d encourage you to do what I did today, but if you fancy going at it early, do what I did and plan ahead what you’ll do if you need to stop and how far you’ll push yourself before you call it quits.

It’s crazy how much has changed in the last few months, but now I’m more excited than daunted about completing my next milestones. Plus a lot of people have suggested I get down to a parkrun and now, I’m more confident than ever to give it a go!


2 Replies to “Hitting my first 5K : When you stop wondering and just go get on with it!”

  1. Fab! hitting a milestone is the best reward ever! Getting my knee back in shape, I can’t WAIT til I can run 5k again. Congrats on the great run.

  2. Isn’t that a fantastic feeling? I have run countless 5k’s, but I still remember the very first time I ran 5k without stopping. It makes me smile just thinking about it.
    Great job!

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