Drinking and Weight-loss: Can you lose weight by putting down the bottle?

I stopped drinking in October of 2014.

Honestly, I’ve not been tee-total since then. The odd drink at a family occasion or wedding or a toast at new years, but that’s been it. I’d say probably 10 to 15 bottles or pints since then.

It was a very bad relationship I had with alcohol.

When I say stopped, I mean I stopped binge drinking. I stopped going out till the eleventh hour, drinking myself into a stupor, waking up wherever and generally being a huge arsehole. When I worked in Theatre, I’d be out every 2 or 3 days, throwing money into Bars and generally drinking to escape the stress of the job. It was a very bad relationship I had with alcohol. I’d say I’d had that kind of lifestyle since I was about 20 and had never thought anything wrong of it.

I always wish someone had stepped in and said “Andy, maybe you’ve had enough” but it never really happened. In fact, in the end, I had to tell myself to stop.

I stopped for two reasons. Me and Louise had been dating for a while, and she hated me drunk. Plus she didn’t drink either so going out was difficult and pretty dull for her. Also, I just wanted to quit drinking. After my years of bingeing badly, It was time to grow up and stop using it to forget about my problems and actually face up to them.

What I had expected, or better yet assumed, was that as soon as I stopped buying my daily beers for the fridge at home I would instantly lose weight. I was eating pretty well, the odd take away every other week but generally, I ate some good food. But the weight never went away.

The truth is, and I’m realizing that more now I’m focussed on weight loss, is that you won’t lose anything unless you put on those shoes and get out there. Whether it’s off out for a run, cycle, a swim or just a walk every now and again. You’re only going to burn that excess off if you do something about it.

So no. You won’t lose weight by putting down the bottle. It only happens if you make the choice to get out there and do something about it.

My advice? Drink less and get out more. It’ll make you feel great and will save you some money too!


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