Day 18: Snow Running and End of Week 3 Update

Today was my last run of week 3. It snowed. It snowed a lot!


I really struggled with the idea of having to go out in it. It was going to be freezing cold, slippy underfoot and a half hour of misery and drenched clothes.

Oddly, something in me kicked me to get my gear on and get out there. Normally this would just not happen in a million years, but in the last few weeks, I have been more inclined to push through those little mental blocks you try and put around yourself.

Yes, the 5 minute warm up walk seemed to go on for way too long, and I was already collecting enough snow dust to become a mobile snowman. In the first  3 minute run stretch however, it felt great. I was keeping cool and keeping steady underfoot and it was pretty exhilarating even though I wasn’t really going at any considerable speed.

I imagine it to be similar to running in the rain and letting the elements help you rather than letting them put you off.

15 minutes into the run and quickly the snow started stopping and the sun burst through. It was awesome.

What did I learn? That the elements should not stop you from getting out there and putting foot to the road. It was just what I needed for the end of the week and a real good kickstart to the weekend! You’ll always feel better for getting out there and exercising, and every time you do, the next time becomes just that but easier!

Week 3 upped the game a bit in terms of intervals, as the runs went up to 3 lots of 3 minute long runs. They felt long at the start of the week, but today (and probably helped by the weather) it breezed by. It’s astonishing how in the space of 5 days, that first struggle is so easy by the end. I can’t wait to see how that progresses over the next few weeks as they again increase steeper in difficulty.

Lastly, I’ve started a page detailing the training plan I’m following that I’ll update at the start and end of each week with any tips I think you’ll need or things I wish I knew at the start. Hope it helps you kickstart your running or exercise goals!

Thanks again for your time, video update coming next Monday and any questions feel free to get in touch!



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