Day 0 – So I guess this is the start of my Journey

Hi. I’m Andrew. I’m 33 and for years I’ve struggled with my weight.

This new year, I, along with possibly the rest of the world decided to do something about it. After much deliberation, I thought it would be helpful to start a site so I can keep track of my progress, and help others along the way.

I’m currently just under 17 stone in weight (238 lbs or 108kg) and would love to lose 3 stone or more. I just want to look healthy, and right now, just to fit in some smaller pants! Peter Andre abs are a pipe dream (and also pretty cool ridiculous).

I’m not doing any crazy diets or bonkers exercises regimes. I’m purely going to eat well and exercise regularly, by swimming, running and possibly cycling (My bike is super unsafe right now, the breaks are like using dusters to stop the wheels). Once on track, and my fitness increases, I plan to sign up for a 10k.

So I’m officially declaring today Day 0 for my weight-loss journey and the start of Fighting Fatness. I’ll be updating every few days with blog posts and video diaries of my progress, things I find that help and things I find that are just the WORST!!! Weekly weigh-ins and food diaries will appear on the site along with any interesting recipes I find. Also my exercise plan and distances etc will be recorded here too.

I want to prove to my myself that I can lose the weight naturally and show others that you don’t have to do anything crazy to get fit.

If you have any comments or suggestion please do let me know, and yeah, I hope this helps you in some way.




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