A New Perspective: Finding my way back


When I first started this blog and running journey I wanted to show that anyone, no matter your size or fitness level, can get outside and get running.

But as the weeks and months went on, I lost my way. My focus turned to likes, retweets, follows, InstaStories and website hits. My running had taken a back seat to me being glued to my youtube stats or making sure “Oh if I mention them, they’ll mention me and I’ll get more followers….” etc etc.

When I picked up a wonky calf just after my first run of my big year run Challenge (more info here) I felt bad talking about it on social media. I wasn’t the super awesome Twitter star I was the week before, just turning into a running failure. I got jealous of the “Perfect” posters out there, started arguing with some and picking at them, finding flaws to make myself feel better. I got blocked by a few people too. Not fun. Not helping anyone.

So I took a break from posting, deleted the apps from my phone and took a long deep breath. I cut back on my running, doing shorter and more frequent runs to build some strength back. I realised that after every run, I didn’t have to jump onto Periscope to live stream my sweaty red face. I could actually take the time to cool down, talk to myself about the run and think about how I could be better next time.

I put the energy I’d been putting into my social presence back into my work and home life. Unsurprisingly this improved everything 100-fold as I stopped obsessing over notifications and got back to what’s most important, real human interactions.

My running has had it’s ups and downs, and I’m still chipping away at my weight and my overall fitness. I’m determined to complete the challenge I set for myself and help raise money for a great cause. I’m also set on running London next year however I can.

My biggest take away from all of this is to just be honest. From now on i’ll post the ups and the downs and not hide away when things are tough. If you’re not keen, you can always follow someone else. I dont want to be another Twitter celebrity. I just want to be there to help others like me get fit and give folks the boost they need and help when they need it.

I won’t stress over posting videos and pictures, or worry about reviews and freebies. I just want to enjoy it all, enjoy the community, and above all keep running. I’m always free for a DM if you want to talk.

I’d advise anyone to take a break for a week or two and see who close to you could do with your time rather than random strangers you’re talking too in an effort to gain popularity and likes. Talk to people online, just don’t communicate with people who want you to boost their own agenda!

And if my honesty does make me popular, then hey, that’s some evil irony right there!!

Keep running, Keep talking, and above all keep smiling!!!