Nugget Stir Fry: Turns out any meat will do, even when it’s fake!

So I’m designated chef tonight and decide to go for stir fry. It’s the same edamame bean goodness I did last week with rice noodles and soy and ginger sauce.

Rooting through the fridge, I just can’t find the chicken we bought to put in here.  I look behind the veg, behind the yogurts, even in fridge 2 (I know, we have 2 fridges, it’s a rented house and we just, acquired another one ha) but nothing to be found.

Before blaming my other half I realise that yes, I didn’t buy the imaginary chicken after all. What to do? What to do?

I head to the freezer, and raid the drawers and find a packet of frozen quorn nuggets. Fake meat at its finest. We bought them a while back through a bad chicken nugget phase hoping we would ween ourselves off them. Suffice to say, the bag was never opened.

“Can I really use fake chicken nuggets in a stir fry?”

Well, it’s all I’ve got, so in the oven they go. It’s quorn, it’s relatively healthy so why not.

Quorn Nugget Stir Fry: For your tum!

15 minutes later and I’m munching down some of the tastiest noodles and nuggets I’ve ever had. It actually works really well! After weighing up the ingredients turns out to be around 600 calories, perfect for an everning meal.

It could be a new invention, or maybe just the same as sweet and sour chicken if you had noodles on the side. I still feel like a food genius!

So if your ever stuck with ingredients, there’s always something hiding in the cupboard to make it work!

Drinking and Weight-loss: Can you lose weight by putting down the bottle?

I stopped drinking in October of 2014.

Honestly, I’ve not been tee-total since then. The odd drink at a family occasion or wedding or a toast at new years, but that’s been it. I’d say probably 10 to 15 bottles or pints since then.

It was a very bad relationship I had with alcohol.

When I say stopped, I mean I stopped binge drinking. I stopped going out till the eleventh hour, drinking myself into a stupor, waking up wherever and generally being a huge arsehole. When I worked in Theatre, I’d be out every 2 or 3 days, throwing money into Bars and generally drinking to escape the stress of the job. It was a very bad relationship I had with alcohol. I’d say I’d had that kind of lifestyle since I was about 20 and had never thought anything wrong of it.

I always wish someone had stepped in and said “Andy, maybe you’ve had enough” but it never really happened. In fact, in the end, I had to tell myself to stop.

I stopped for two reasons. Me and Louise had been dating for a while, and she hated me drunk. Plus she didn’t drink either so going out was difficult and pretty dull for her. Also, I just wanted to quit drinking. After my years of bingeing badly, It was time to grow up and stop using it to forget about my problems and actually face up to them.

What I had expected, or better yet assumed, was that as soon as I stopped buying my daily beers for the fridge at home I would instantly lose weight. I was eating pretty well, the odd take away every other week but generally, I ate some good food. But the weight never went away.

The truth is, and I’m realizing that more now I’m focussed on weight loss, is that you won’t lose anything unless you put on those shoes and get out there. Whether it’s off out for a run, cycle, a swim or just a walk every now and again. You’re only going to burn that excess off if you do something about it.

So no. You won’t lose weight by putting down the bottle. It only happens if you make the choice to get out there and do something about it.

My advice? Drink less and get out more. It’ll make you feel great and will save you some money too!


Food Diary: Oven cooked Haddock with baby potatoes and green veg


This super tasty tea was made in about 25 minutes.

I had a couple of Haddock fillets that I foil wrapped with a blob of butter (we have dairy free stuff) and whipped into the oven for 20 minutes at 190°C.

The veg I chopped…… nope…. It was actually all pre packaged and microwavable. Now I know that microwaving veg is supposed to rip out the nutrients etc but I was in a bit of a rush and hey ,this all could have easily been a huge pizza or something, so I think for now this process is fine.

Morrisons packaged baby potatoes with mint and then a pack of mixed green veg (Kale, Broccoli and Green Beans), all cooked in about 8 minutes.

Job done!

Fish is my new best friend at the moment, so easy to cook and always amazingly tasty, and pretty cheap too!

Day 0.5 – Lessons on starting a fitness blog when sickness surrounds you!

Lesson 1: When deciding to launch a fitness blog, make sure your better half is not dying of some bizarre flu bug before promising yourself you’re going to spend Monday running, filming and writing!

So I’m ill.  Yesterday I wrote my Day Zero blog post outlining the plan of the site/blog/videos etc and why I want to do this.

Today, I woke up with a head full of screaming wolves and a nose full of, well, whatever noses are full of (dreams I think). Suffice to say this has scuppered my plans somewhat. Or maybe it’s just one of those signs telling me that if I was healthier, I might have been able to fight this thing off.

Lesson 2: When your better half is so ill that they just want to eat some bad takeaway, be strong and refuse, it won’t help your first weigh in and first run!

Yeah, we had Burgers and Pizza last night. Like a tonne of junk food. This is bad. Real bad. I know I should have been strong and pulled the “but my blog” card, but no, I wanted those sweet sweet cheesy chips!! Again, I’m hoping in a few months time I can look back at these moments of weakness and laugh at myself, possibly with my hands on my hips in a superhero kind of way. Anyway, I’m not looking forward to my first spate of exercise as these foods are gonna weigh heavy for days. Gross. Don’t do it. Don’t have those apps on your phone. Delete them now and just walk to the shop for something good.

Lesson 3: Herbal tea is awesome and is your friend! Coffee when ill. Bad.

Lastly, when your feeling rough and down. Herbal tea is your answer. Peppermint tea is the nicest thing you could have, clearing those airways and your insides too. It’s great, it’s cheap, and if there are any calories in it, you’ll never notice them! Don’t have a coffee though. I had one this morning and it sent me mad, and there is really nothing worse than being hyper-aware of how bad you feel.

The plan is till on though. I’m not letting this thing stop me in my tracks, as that would be pretty pathetic, and pointless. Tuesday has to be Day 1, gonna head out for a run for half an hour hopefully, and I’m going to throw up my first video diary (If I can get over staring and talking to myself in a webcam for a few minutes). Also, I’ll start my food diary with what I’m munching throughout the week and, what I’m not looking forward to, the week 1 weigh-in. Urgh.

At the least, I hope, It’s a weight I won’t have to be again.

Anyway, this is Day 0.5. I’m ill. It Sucks.

Bring on Day 1.

Thanks for reading,


Day 0 – So I guess this is the start of my Journey

Hi. I’m Andrew. I’m 33 and for years I’ve struggled with my weight.

This new year, I, along with possibly the rest of the world decided to do something about it. After much deliberation, I thought it would be helpful to start a site so I can keep track of my progress, and help others along the way.

I’m currently just under 17 stone in weight (238 lbs or 108kg) and would love to lose 3 stone or more. I just want to look healthy, and right now, just to fit in some smaller pants! Peter Andre abs are a pipe dream (and also pretty cool ridiculous).

I’m not doing any crazy diets or bonkers exercises regimes. I’m purely going to eat well and exercise regularly, by swimming, running and possibly cycling (My bike is super unsafe right now, the breaks are like using dusters to stop the wheels). Once on track, and my fitness increases, I plan to sign up for a 10k.

So I’m officially declaring today Day 0 for my weight-loss journey and the start of Fighting Fatness. I’ll be updating every few days with blog posts and video diaries of my progress, things I find that help and things I find that are just the WORST!!! Weekly weigh-ins and food diaries will appear on the site along with any interesting recipes I find. Also my exercise plan and distances etc will be recorded here too.

I want to prove to my myself that I can lose the weight naturally and show others that you don’t have to do anything crazy to get fit.

If you have any comments or suggestion please do let me know, and yeah, I hope this helps you in some way.