10 Days to Go – The Start Is Close

So it’s just 10 days to go until the start of May.

10 days!

10 days till I start a run that’s going to be a huge challenge to me, and hopefully a run that makes some significant change to the people I’m running it for! (hint hint, get over to justgiving.fightingfatness.com and donate if you can, would mean such a lot to them!)

Running 1407km in 365 days for what, for all intents and purposes, a complete beginner runner is a bit crazy. I know that. I need to average 30km a week just to hit the target, and at the most, I’m only at around 20km a week on a very very good week! I’ve been running for 13 weeks, that’s it, and that’s 54 to go till I hopefully cross my imaginary finishing line. (Although if anyone wants to make a finishing line please do get in touch!!)

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts and tweets. The setting of the challenge is to make sure my running somehow continuously benefits others and not just only me. So far it’s been completely solo and it looks to continue that way. I like running alone. But knowing I’m running to actually help people will mean I keep on going and keep on pushing. Running for Special Effect means I know the fundraising really makes an immediate difference to children and lets them forget their troubles for an hour or two to get immersed in video games.

So with 10 days to go until the start, how have I been preparing?

Well, I’ve been quiet recently online, mostly due to plotting out new pages on the site and taking a bit of me time. Mainly because I know that from May 1st, I’ll be on social media daily updating you all on how I’m getting on etc!

I’m working on a virtual tracker and map so we can plot out how far I would have traveled if I was running the actual Lands End to John O’Groats route and also it gives me chance to plan some real runs of that route with some of you guys.

I also had a little calf twinge the other week, so had a week off running just to let it rest. Truth be told, Easter was also in the middle of this, and yes, eggs and bad food were eaten. It does mean a few extra lbs have been added back onto the scales, but I’ve started this week off the right way and hopefully, I’ll get back to normal.

Also, I’ve put off doing youtube videos till I start the run as I feel they were lacking focus and going on waaaaaaaay too long. I’ll do a pre-run video next week, and then we can start with short and snappy day to day updates after each run. I don;t want to bore you to death with another 20-minute moan-a-thon ha!

Lastly, I’ve been speaking closely to Special Effect and using their awesome help to ensure I can reach as many people as I can and share the message of the good work they do!

The task ahead is huge, and I know that it will take every ounce of effort to hit that target next April! April 2018! Sounds so far away.

With your help, I hope you will enjoy following along and support if you can. Would really mean a lot!

Again apologies for being quiet, but that will totally change in a few days 🙂

Any questions as always please do get in touch and I hope to see you out there!

Keep on running!


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